Make email marketing work for you

Jon's top tips to becoming an Inbox Hero

Email marketing is so easy to get going in, so many brands start out and send out the odd newsletter.
And then are a bit shocked when it doesn’t turn into results, engagement and ultimately sales.

Being an Inbox Hero simply means being one of the good guys.
Building relationships for the long-term, not for the quick buck.

About me

Jon May

Hi there, I'm Jon May, like the month, and I'm an email marketing specialist.

My 100% focus is on email marketing. Doing it for you and teaching you how to use it.

My background is in journalism and marketing, so I can write great copy and configure emails too!

I kept seeing terrible emails in my inbox. So I decided to help ambitious businesses be the Inbox Heroes their customers deserve.

It's my personal mission to erradicate the 'newsletter blast' and replace it with updates readers want to see!

0117 369 0030

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Listen to what people I've worked with have to say

  • I'm so glad I attended Jon's MailChimp workshop. I hardly knew anything about email marketing beforehand, save for having the very basics of a MailChimp account but feel a lot more confident about using it now. Learning about how to stay out of spam was really interesting, as that's something I had previously worried about. I'll definitely attend future workshops and would recommend the session to everyone who wanted to expand their MailChimp world! Thanks Jon!
  • Jon was fantastic to work with. Understood what I was trying to achieve with my company's email marketing, gave me options & great advice. It was a complex brief with multiple email lists and various delivery options - but he delivered quickly and the resulting emails look great. I completely trusted Jon from the get-go and I was right to. We are already getting sales off the back of his campaign. Jon is fab at what he does and I hope we can work together in future.
  • I approached Jon as someone learning email marketing from scratch. In our sessions, Jon enlightened me to the value of Mailchimp and what an asset it can be for a business, as well as giving me the tools and insights I needed as a digital marketer to jump-start successful email campaigns. Jon perfectly tailors his sessions to suit the learner's ability and nurtures any existing knowledge. It is a pleasure to recommend him!

Work with me

Come and 'pick my brains', and get a Mailchimp Expert's opinion on what you're doing and how it could be made better.

A lot of people find this is all they need.
An hour on Zoom, chatting through your queries and the best way for you to move forward, screensharing and pointing out how to access the features you’re looking for.

You'll also get a solid roadmap to help you on your way.